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Red & White Catering is a family owned food services company that has been serving the Greater Binghamton area and Broome County, New York for more than 50 Years!

We are one of the top catering companies in Binghamton and Broome County!
Give us a call to discuss your next event and how we may be able to serve you.

Food services include:

Red & White Catering   Butcher Shop
Catering for Binghamton and Broome CountyStay on schedule and rejuvenate staff with a catered luncheon by Red & White Catering. We're professional, always on time and our menu plans are all inclusive so everything you need will be delivered to you. Did I  mention that the food is delicious?  ... Read More   Catering for Binghamton and Broome CountyThe Red & White Butcher Shop is the cornerstone to the original Chenango Bridge community store. Known for its quality cuts of tender marbled beef, signature homemade chicken & pork spiedies ... Read more
 Guiseppe's Chenango Bridge   Red & White Grocery Store
Catering for Binghamton and Broome CountyGuiseppes's is a dine-in or take-out restaurant with the advantage of a butcher shop and caterers kitchen on premises.  We offer daily specials of soup, salads, main courses, wraps and desserts along with our pizza, subs and wings menu. Pizza sold by the slice and a cold beverage will get you on your way in minutes ... Read more

  Catering for Binghamton and Broome CountyBesides the usual grocery store fare like fresh produce, cold beverages, snacks and household staples, the Red & White Grocery Store features unique ready to serve food items for busy families and entertaining ... Read more

Some may know us the Red & White Grocery in Chenango Bridge. But we are so much more than that! From our excellent catering services to our legendary butcher shop, from our popular restaurant to our convenient grocery store with fresh and homemade food, we have something for everyone!

Gary and Jo Anne Klenovic invite you to visit the Chenango Bridge Red & White Grocery Store and Guiseppe's Pizza to sample the home cooking and the community spirit.  While you're here, visit some of our local treasures like the Chenango Commons Golf Course, Hillside Gardens and the Chenango Ice Rink.  The Chenango Bridge Garden Club welcomes you with it's seasonal array of beautifully kept flowers and the Town of Chenango offers "Music in the Park" on Thursday nights all summer long at the Chenango Bridge Park.  We look forward to your visit!

Best in Catering 2016