John and Mary Klenovic opened the doors to the Chenango Bridge Red & White Grocery in the spring of 1957.  The construction of the brand new Chenango Valley High School was nearly complete. The Chenango Commons Golf Course was a football field and a little league diamond situated on the banks of the Chenango River and Corey's Ford was a drive-in movie theater.  The price of a gallon of milk was $.95, a loaf of bread was $.19 and minimum wage was $1.00 per hour.

After graduating from Paul Smith's College of Hotel Restaurant Management, the Klenovic's son Gary took over the business in 1978.  His wife Jo Anne joined the family in 1981 and together they have managed the Red & White since.  In 1978, Gary opened Guiseppe's Pizza and in 1993, Jo Anne added Red & White Catering to the mix. The Klenovics currently have 42 employees and have employed over 1,000 people since 1981.  We have several second generation employees on board and recently acquired our first third generation employee!
2007 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Chenango Bridge Red & White, a testimony to our hard work and our customer loyalty.  During our 50 years, the Red & White has become a "hub." Customers greet their neighbors, advertise a fund raiser and scour the aisles for the answer to the age old question "What's for dinner?" We offer specialty cuts of meat, marinated chicken, homemade sausage and kielbasi and bacon wrapped tenderloin steaks. Dinner is made easy by the choice of daily specials including salads, side dishes, soups and desserts.  Popular "to go" dishes include chicken parmesan, batter dipped fish and pirogies, chicken and biscuits, pot roast with mashed potatoes and our "famous" City Chicken.
Over the Red & White counter, the community has made generous contributions to the Red Cross for Tsunami and Katrina Relief funds, Toys for Tots, Project Paw, the Jerry Lewis/MS Telethon, Cancer charities and countless youth teams, UHS Neo Natal Unit, clubs and scouting fund raisers just to name a few.  Our employees delivered bottled water, snack bars and fresh fruit to emergency workers during the Conklin floods.  The Red & White customers and employees work together to make a difference in our community.
We welcome you to visit us and sample the home cooking, friendly atmosphere and creative solutions for busy professionals and on the go families.